5 steps to designing & building your new home

5 steps to designing & building your new home
Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect if you are thingking about
designing and building a new home.


Discuss your options

It all starts with a conversation. We’ll talk to you about what’s important to you and the things you want to include in your new home. We’ll also discuss your budget and explain your options. Building a new home may not be the right choice for you but if it is, we progress to Step 2.


Designing your new home

If you decide you want to design and build your own home, we’ll visit your land for a site inspection. It’s important to obtain a contour survey at this stage so we can match the design of your home to your land. Then we’ll work with you to design your new home. Along the way, we will explain the costs involved and your options.


Project proposal and contract

Once the design of your new home has been finalised and the costs itemised, a contract will be drawn up for you to sign. The contract will specify the completion date so you know when you can expect to move in. The price will incorporate all of the costs involved including council fees, service connections and the allowances we have agreed to for your fixtures and fittings.


Building your new home

This is the really exciting part as you see your ideal home become a reality. Using our online building management system, you can track every stage of construction including scheduled progress payments, photos of your home and email conversations between you and Built It.


Certificate of Occupancy

When construction is completed, Built It will apply for a Certificate of Occupancy on your behalf. Once this is issued and the final payment is made, you will receive the keys to your beautiful new home. After you move in, you may notice a few things that need tweaking. We will ensure this occurs promptly.

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