Your home.
It’s filled with memories of happy times with friends, family and special events.
It’s also a place of refuge when the world gets you down.

But over the years, your home has not kept pace with your needs and lifestyle.

So now you are left with the dilemma of deciding to renovate, move or build a new home on the same block.

How do you decide?

If you love your Canberra neighbourhood and want to remain in the same area, knocking down your current home to build a brand new one could be a great investment decision.

Unlike renovating, you can design your ideal home without the need to compromise. Plus building a new home is often more cost effective per m2 than renovating, with no nasty surprises increasing the renovation costs along the way.


So what’s important to you?

  • Remaining in the neighbourhood you know and love?
  • Living away from the rubble and mess of a renovation?
  • Including the latest energy saving technologies throughout your home?
  • Knowing what the costs will be upfront?
  • Designing a home that suits your needs and lifestyle with minimal compromise?

We’ve all heard horror stories of renovations taking years to complete and blowing the budget because of unseen problems along the way. Not to mention the mess and inconvenience of living in a building site.

When you knock down your current Canberra home to rebuild a new one, you have all the advantages of a new home without leaving the neighborhood you love.

If you are considering staying where you are to knock down and rebuild a home you will enjoy, talk to Built It about your options. They are Canberra builders who will help you design your new home.


It begins with a conversation

At your first meeting with Built It, we’ll

  • Talk to you about all the things you want in your new home
  • Explain what might be possible given the contours of your land
  • Advise you on things that might be difficult to achieve on your current site


Transparency at every stage

Using our online building management system, you will be able to monitor every stage of rebuilding your home.

But it doesn’t stop there. We’ll still be around after you move in to promptly correct any little issues and we’ll stay in touch as you continue to live and enjoy your new home.

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