Designing your own

It’s something that is imagined and dreamed of long before you speak to a builder.

You have probably spent hours talking about it together and thinking of the possibilities.

You may have wandered through dozens of display homes looking for a design that’s right for you. But the reality is, you know what you want and it hasn’t been built… yet.

You want a new home that’s unique and special in every way.

It’s a home you have imaged and designed in your mind.

You want a custom built home. So now it’s time to talk to Built It. We specialise in building high quality, custom designed homes that are within your reach.


The first step

It all starts with a conversation.
We talk to you in detail about:

  • What you want in your new home
  • How you want it to look and feel
  • The features that are important to you and the ones you can live without
  • The things you love to do at home and the hopes you have for the future
  • Your budget and how to achieve a custom built home to suit it

Once we know all of these things, we start designing your custom home.


No nasty surprises!

You may have heard stories about new homes that have blown the budget. But that doesn’t happen at Built It.
Find out why


The conversation never stops!

Using the latest technology you have access to an online building management system that shows you exactly what’s happening at every stage of building your custom designed home.
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We stay in touch

After your home is built and you have moved in, we will regulary keep in touch to make sure you are still happy.
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Let’s chat

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