Top 10 Tips for building a new house


Top 10 Tips for building a new house

Building a new home is a huge investment, financially and emotionally.  It can be stressful, exciting, daunting and amazing all at the same time.

Stick to your budget, get what you want without compromising too much, stay organised, keep engaged and have fun!

Here’s how….

 1. Pinterest is your new best friend

A picture is worth a thousand words.  So, a well-categorised Pinterest board is a must!

It will help you quickly and easily compare different styles and keep track of trends you love.  You can also show us what you think you like, and get advice on what will work for your new home.


2. Make a list of requirements

You have to start somewhere.  What are your must have, non-negotiable requirements?  Think really hard about what is nice to have, but frankly is a luxury that you can live without.  Be honest with yourself and be open with Built It at the outset.

3. Invest the time getting your design exactly right

Whether you’re planning to build a custom home, knock down and rebuild your existing home or take advantage of a House and Land Package, you’ll get out what you put in.

  • Make a list of everything you want to achieve
  • Talk with family and friends about your ideas
  • Think about how you live day to day, what works and what doesn’t
  • Visualise how you want to live in your new home
  • Think about what your needs are now and into the future

4. Select a style you love and stick to it

You know best what styles and trends you love.  Go with what you’re drawn to and what reflects your personality.

Its fun experimenting with new cushions and funky home décor, but you can’t re-paint your walls every 12 months!

If you’re not sure what you want, or need a little style advice, Built It can point you in the right direction.  We can help you choose a consistent style, colour palette and quality inclusions that are right for you.


5. Read your contract inside and out

Be sure that you fully understand your building contract  – what’s included and what’s not.  It’s in your best interest to be all over the facts and figures when building a new house.  If you have questions, just ask.

6. If you really want something – plan for it!

And, be prepared to pay for it!

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until half way through building your new home to request an upgrade to a fancy chandelier or top of the range appliances.  You may be disappointed that your builder won’t throw them in for free and you feel you’ve had to miss out if you haven’t got anything up your sleeve to cover the variation costs.  If you really want something, be open and honest and plan for it upfront so you don’t blow your budget and you don’t have to compromise later.

7. Understand how you can make changes during the building process

Sometimes people change their minds, or see something new they want…..we get it!

Otherwise known as variations, we will advise you on the possibilities and cost depending on the type of change, how far into the building process you are and any knock on effects.  If you decide you want to upgrade any of your inclusions, variation costs will apply.  Its important you have a discussion with Built It before you get started so you know how this works.

8. Keep track of your spending

One day you’re talking about potential floor plan designs, the next you’ve bought a new bedroom suite and supersized flat screen TV!!

Something about building a new home creates an overwhelming urge to go on a spending spree, so be careful.

If you’re a spread-sheet whiz, you’re already all over this – if not, now’s the time to start.  Get your building contract sorted, know your budget, stash a little up your sleeve for furnishings and potential variations and keep track of your expenses.


9. Stay in touch

Looking for the right House and Land package, planning a custom designed home or assessing knocking down and rebuilding your existing home, takes months. There is so much to do and talk about before you even get started.

Once your building contract is finally signed though, things start to happen…fast.    All of a sudden it’s full steam ahead and very easy to get swept up in the activity and forget to stay in touch.  So, pick up the phone, use our online building management system, and we’ll keep you informed of your building progress, any unfortunate weather set backs, and milestones as they are achieved.

10. Have fun

For many, building a new home is a once in a lifetime experience.

Of course it will feel stressful in the early days dealing with contracts, solicitors and plans etc.  Not to mention, so many thoughts going through your head, opinions imposed on you  (wanted or not) and trying to visualise your every requirement can lead to information overload.

The more engaged, positive and patient you are throughout the building process, the more you will get out of it.  There is more to this experience than trying to control every step and calculating facts and figures.  You’re building your own home, so have fun and enjoy it!

Just remember, this is your journey!


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